The inspiration behind

Our New Spring Collection

by Jason Bensohn
Posted in Expert Advice on 23rd February 2023

We would be lying if we said the best part of this job wasn't sourcing beautiful new pieces from across the globe. We love the dedicating the time and space to sit down, reflect on previous seasons, get creative and ultimately become inspired to design a collection that we want to have in our own homes.

We wanted to share a brief look into some of the inspiration behind our new collection so that you can better understand the beautiful pieces we are so proud to have launched.
Jason Bensohn
Claymore Amber Glass Hurricane Lamp

Renewal & Rejuvenation 

We wanted to implement products that could bring calm and peace to a space. Quiet corners that encourage self care and reflection. The Claymore Lamp is the perfect example of an accessory that can immediately achieve its desired effect.

Monomoy Beige Rope Armchair






Natural Materials 

We wanted our collection to be about growth and renewal, and natural materials such as wood and rope really spoke to us in creating pieces that felt fresh and timeless all at the same time. Items that are not burdening our planet to produce and that will last a longtime as well.

Birkdale Charcoal Urn





Earthy Tones

As you know we love our neutral colours as they never go out of fashion and complement everything. We drew up a mood board of the natural earthy tones we wanted to incorporate and then took these to our factories to help determine the range. This charcoal series in the Birkdale range is a great example.

Birkdale Bird Planter





Spring is the season of flowers and so we wanted to expand on our successful Birkdale planters with some unique designs. The Bird Planter is a personal favourite that is extremely versatile and quickly becomes the focal point of the surface it is on.








The End

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