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Display art and photographs

by Caroline Rowland
Posted in How To on 21st February 2017

If your walls are feeling bare or you have a stack of prints that you want to hang but are unsure how to, then never fear! We've gathered a little bit of inspiration to help make your walls really earn their keep!

Our first tip is that if you haven’t got round to hanging your artwork, then actually – why bother?! You can simply lean your framed works and it looks effortlessly chic and cool…

leaning artwork
via My Domaine

Group them together and even layer them (as above) for a super laid back look, or go large with a big piece either atop a sideboard or fireplace or casually leaning against a wall…

large artwork on top of sideboard
via One World
large artwork leaning against wall
via Ironic Fashion

If you are a bit fickle and get bored of things quickly then picture ledges are a great option – you can create interesting displays -mixing artwork, family photos and objects on these, and easily change them around when you feel the need.

Scandinavian style shelves
via Dust Jacket
collection of artworks on picture ledges
via Skona Hem

If this style of displaying your artwork isn’t an option – perhaps tiny hands would be too tempted to touch – then hanging the pieces on the wall is the way to go. Get creative with a gallery wall – which can work in pretty much any room of the house.

Side table
via Avenue Lifestyle
uniform gallery wall of botanical prints
via One World
Photo frames montage style
via Desire to inspire

A mini display next to your bed can look really sweet, or go bold in the main living space – we love how a large framed piece has been used as a focal point in the above image. Generally if you have a set of prints of the same size and similar subject these look best hung in a uniform fashion, but with a mix of size and content – an asymmetric display is best.

black and white framed prints
via One World
artworks hung side by side
via Desenio
framed artwork
via One World

If your preference is less is more, then simply hanging two pieces of artwork together looks pleasing and elegant. Be sure though that they have consistency – at least one element should be the same – size, frame (ideally) and content should be similar or complement each other.

Now, go fetch the hammer and spirit level and get hanging! Or not, as the case may be!


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