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Spring clean and spark joy – Part two – stylish storage

by Ciara Brimfield
Posted in Product Focus on 21st March 2018

Whilst it may not feel like it (we're fully aware we're talking 'spring' as we all retreat from our second snowfall in as many weeks) but it's just around the corner! In part one of our Spring Clean and Spark Joy series we shared some of our tips and ideas to declutter your home. Getting rid of the unwanted, the unused, and the unloved definitely feels good for the soul - and now it's time to ensure that your storage solutions are stylish and sufficient for all the things you're keeping, sorting, and rehoming.  

Wall mounted storage shelf with homeware

Here are just a few of our oh-so-stylish storage solutions to help you keep on top of your home post spring clean.

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of throwing or shoving random ‘I’m not sure where that goes or what to do with that’ items into drawers or cupboards around our homes. Would a home be complete without that full-to-the-brim drawer of useless items? Well, having the right storage in your home certainly makes spring cleaning, tidying, and generally keeping on top of everything that little easier.

Bedroom clutter 

Making sure you have ample storage in your bedroom/s is essential for preventing a build up of clutter around your bed or the floor. A beautiful bedside table, complete with drawers, is the perfect place to store books, medicines and toiletries, as well as a place for your bedside lamp and a few stylish trinkets.

Luxurious Rustic Bedroom French style

A chest of drawers (like the Stanley 3-drawer in grey) is roomy and stylish, for keeping make-up, jewellery, clothes, and cosy blankets for those cold winter nights.

Home office solutions

Whether you work from home or have a dedicated space to tend to that endless life-admin that seems to build up, storage is vital for staying organised. Shelving and bookcases work well for putting files and storage boxes with paperwork in.

Light Office Space with wall mounted storage unit

Our Granville shelf unit is a the perfect piece for turning clutter into a stylish display.

Sideboard style 

The trusty sideboard – one of the most versatile and useful storage items you can have in your home. Four-door, with drawers, without doors, there is a style and size to suit. Whether you need a sideboard that doubles up as a TV unit and a place to store your media items, storage for the dining room for the fancy dinner sets, napkins, and crystal wine glasses, or even the kitchen to add a place for all those items that you just can’t find space for.

Glass knick-knacks on distressed sideboard

Style your sideboard with picture frames, candles, vases, and lamps – it will look so  stylish that no one will ever suspect it’s full to the brim!

Handy tips

When it comes to storage, styling is the key to adding those finishing touches. Here are a few top tips to get you started…

  • Colour co-ordinate your books on your shelves. And play around with laying them flat and standing them upright. You can even add candles and picture frames in and around to create even more of a feature
  • Open shelving in the kitchen is a great place to display cookery books, potted herbs, and even cups – and all within easy reach too
  • Glass bookcases and armoires also look great as storage for towels, bedding, and blankets. Not everything practical has to be hidden!
Rustic storage unit with knick-knacks

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