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Posted in News on 29th January 2015

We've created a revolutionary new website at www.one.world. A shopping experience like no other, and after 6months in the making, we are delighted to finally launch!

Welcome to the new One World Trading Company website on a brand new domain: www.one.world – designed and built to strengthen our online offering and maintain a platform through which we can communicate and work more effectively with you.

The new site is packed full of the latest web technologies, delivering a fun, seamless shopping experience! One of the coolest new features is that it’s responsive, which means that it’s equally at home on your big desktop PC right down to your iPad or mobile phone! As with the existing site, you will need to login to; place and manage your orders, view product availability, add or revise order quantities, track shipments and more.

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The site is also open to the public. This decision is designed to force us to improve our offering – and not to undermine or disrupt. We hope that you will benefit from our renewed focus on; branding, photography, content, product and packaging. Moreover, we will introduce RRPs and maintain these on the direct part of the site. Price takes up a lot of thought for us when sourcing and developing new product and often we are forced to make trade-offs in order to run with certain products (it is not always simply about margins for us). At the forefront of our thinking is always what a product will retail for – and it is absolutely not our intention to upset the apple cart by undercutting on price.

We are frantically catching up with our photography of new and existing items and it won’t be long until all our products are up on the site!

We welcome your feedback and are keen to chat through any thoughts or questions you have on this or anything else. And hopefully see you at The Spring Fair in the next few days…

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