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Decorating with mirrors

by Caroline Rowland
Posted in Ideas on 25th April 2016

Mirrors, of course, have a very practical application in our homes, but they are also such great pieces for decorating with and creating a statement or interesting display. We share some lovely ideas for doing something a little different with mirrors...

1. Display mirrors in unexpected places – There is the obvious (and more practical!!) spots for hanging a mirror – the bathroom, bedroom, above the fireplace, but for something a little unexpected why not hang a mirror in your kitchen? Granted, you may not want to see your reflection while you scrub at the pots and pans, but it does look pretty charming right?! (Image via Another side of this life)

Mirror above kitchen sink

2. Group a collection together – For a really striking display, source a collection of smaller mirrors and group together; varying shape, size and style and creating a ‘mirror wall’. (images via Elle Deco)

grouping a collection of mirrors

3. Lean and adorn – Large full length mirrors need not mean the struggle of mounting on the wall to look fab. Simply lean them against a wall, and add interest by draping fairy or festoon lighting or hanging your favourite piece of clothing on there. (image 1 via The Design Chaser; image 2 by Jemma Watts for 91 Magazine)

full length mirrorsfull length mirror against wall

4. Use mirrors outdoors – Mirrors look so fabulous when used in an outdoor space. Whether that is in a small city garden to make it appear larger, or nestled amongst the foliage in a country garden, they create a real point of interest and only look better with weathering. Our shutter mirror and panel mirror would look particularly great outdoors. (image 1 by Lucas Allen for House & Garden; image 2 by Caroline Rowland)

mirror in a city gardenmirror in a country vintage style garden

5. Mix styles – Don’t be afraid to mix styles in your interior. A antique, ornate mirror looks great in a bohemian setting, or mix fresh whites with rustic wood like blogger Ruth Garner did with a One World mirror in a recent blog post. See our Dormer grey mirror and portal mirror as great examples of these.  (image 1 via Design Sponge; image 2 by Ruth Garner)

ornate mirror in a boho style roomMixing scandi style with rustic accessories

6. Add a decal – There are so many beautiful decals available these days, and they look lovely on a mirror, like this one which blogger Lou Archell added to her bathroom mirror. Shanna Murray makes gorgeous decals. For something less permanent, try drawing your own designs on with chalk pens which can be easily removed. (image by Laura Pashby)

add a decal to a mirror

We hope we’ve inspired you to try something different with your mirrors, and make sure you check out One World’s full range of mirrors  and start planning how you might display them! See some of our faves below…


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