4 Ways to organise your bookcase
Colour, Alphabetically, Stacked, Genre

4 Ways to Organise Your Books

Posted in Ideas on 18th January 2015

Here at One World Trading Company we are in agreement on a few things. Long Sunday Lunches: Big Fans. A good board game: Love. Chocolate Brownies: Also love. But how to organise your books? A long debate in the office proved very much otherwise. So we have decided to share some of the ways in which we at One World Trading Co go about arranging our books...

Organise books by colour1. Colour

A cascading rainbow of neatly organised books. One colour per shelf, popular with the designers of the company.

2. Alphabetically

Hard to maintain but a great system if you can keep it together. A popular method amongst the accounts team.

4 Ways to organise your bookcase3. Stacked

Controversial at first – but actually very practical and can look great.

4. Genre

We would all love to have enough books (or even better a library) to run with this method – but the reality is our book collections don’t really allow for this to work properly. We’re working on it though.

And of course, no bookcase is complete without a couple of bookends…

Elephant bookend
Waverton Elephant Bookend
Waverton Rhino Bookend
Waverton Antelope Bookends
Dog bookend
Coming back soon…
Car bookend
Coming back soon…
Antelope bookend
Coming back soon…


The End

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