How to style your sideboard or console table
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Table top styling

by Caroline Rowland
Posted in Ideas on 12th April 2016

Have you ever bought a brand new piece of furniture - a sideboard, console table or chest of drawers - but then found yourself at a loss with what to display on it and how to style it? Well, here are a few tips to try and some ideas to inspire to help you along the way...

1. Vary height and size of objects

For a great looking display, you need to mix up the sizes of your objects, which also helps in terms of varying the height. If you need to add height, use small stacks of books or magazines, or fun items like these vintage scales.

How to style your sideboard or console table
Image via Jenna Sue Design

2. Create an interesting backdrop

There are lots of options for adding interest to the wall behind your table top – add a large mirror or painting, create a gallery of pictures, artwork and other finds, or use an unusual item such as some old shutters, a vintage ceiling tile or a piece of fabric…

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styling your sideboard or console table
Images via
styling your sideboard or console table
image via

3. Keep it simple

A beautiful collection of ceramics, a few houseplants in pots accompanied by a favourite piece of art, or a simple arrangement of vases filled with single stem flowers can have as much impact as a grand display. Let the beauty of a few carefully selected treasures shine through.

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styling your sideboard or console table
Image via Flickr / Nicole Franzen

4. Lighting helps

Whether it’s a dramatic table lamp or a simple candle, adding an element of lighting will not only add interest to the display but will create atmosphere in the evening and illuminate your table top.

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styling your sideboard or console table
Image by Carole Poirot for One World
styling your sideboard or console table
Image via
styling you sideboard or console table
Images via Northern Light blog and House & Home

5. Use plants and flowers

You may notice one thing that runs through all of these images. They all display either plants, flowers or both on their table tops. These bring life and add softness to the scene, and depending on what you go for can be a real focal point for the display. Choose faux flowers or dried for low maintenance or fresh for an ever-changing look. House plants are very ‘on trend’ right now and there is an abundance of pots to choose from, just make sure you choose carefully in terms of the warmth and light the plants will receive in your space.

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Image by Holly Jolliffe for One World
styling your sideboard or console table
Image by Caroline Rowland for One World

6. Be creative

Use things like cloches, glass lanterns and glass jars to display unexpected items. We love to fill them with spring bulbs, a collection of old wooden spools or treasured vintage finds.

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We hope that might have helped a little if you are struggling to style a table top you are proud of! Don’t forget to check out the One World website for items that might fit right into your display!


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